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Note for:   Isaac CLOUD,    -          Index

Description: War of 1812


Note for:   Jack CHADWELL,   ABT 1799 -          Index

"According to family history, it was around 1800 when David was a widower that a young girl, carrying a baby on her hip and leading a milch goat or cow, passed through the [Cumberland] Gap and stopped to spend the night at Chadwell Station. She remained for some time and married David...The marriage didn't last long and some accounts say she left Jack, the child she had when she arrived, and went her own way. David Chadwell gave Jack his name and reared him as his son. DAR records list David's second or third wife as Susannah, but we don't know where they got that name."


Note for:   Alexander SKELTON,   16 May 1805 - 28 Aug 1830         Index

Never married.